Producer / Recording Engineer / Programmer / & ProTooler!

"I hope this page will give you a little background on myself and touch on just a few of the many projects I've been involved with, and things I've done BEFORE I opened up my own facility, Alchemy Studio Ltd in 2001"


Personal Info:
I'm familiar with all popular mixing desks and standard outboard equipment, including, Digidesign Protools hard disk recording systems, and editing systems including Sony 1630 and of course analogue tape splicing!

I like microphones, especially old valves, play guitar and program in ProTools.
I've done a lot of different stuff, and can now bring a great deal of experience to a session, not just in the area of 'sounds' but also being able to develop an artists' own performance and song writing abilities. I got into the business to work with bands and this is still my first love. I'm good with drums and gtrs, with a lot of experience in combining people and computers.


Some Golden Oldies!

New Musical Express
"Bauhaus at their best..."

The Smiths

Hatful Of Hollow
New Musical Express
...possibly the greatest thing [the Smiths] ever recorded..."


Billy Bragg
Talking With The Taxman About Poetry:
Gold album 1986

John McLaughlin
The Promise:
Entertainment Weekly (2/23-3/1/96 p.127)
The post-jazz guitar icon hasn't come up with an album this diverse and star-studded for almost 20 years....A lovably eclectic mess that somehow manages to make perfect sense, THE PROMISE delivers." - Rating: A

The Masterplan:
A collection of Oasis B-sides of UK singles and EPs.

Audio Street.Com Score: 10
A diverse album of stunning remixes, re orchestrations and reworkings of already great songs.
Bjork runs the whole wonderful gamut of styles her.

Gold in Europe,t op 10 single
(Don't Go Away)

Nine Below Zero
Nine Below Zero's best yet....

The God Machine
Scenes From The Second Storey:
"The debut album from the God Machine, ranks as one of the classic 'overlooked gems' in music history".

The Herbalizer
Session One:

Marc Almond
Open All Night:
Melody Maker. 4 1/2 stars (out of 5)...his best solo album yet....OPEN ALL NIGHT reclines in a sound-lounge of gorgeous strung-out noir balladry....a masterpiece from a saint.
New Musical Express - 7 out of 10
...seems destined to eternally trawl the seedy underbelly of the urban night in search of romance amid the commonplace


"Another clasic from the girls"

The Sugarbabes
One Touch
Allmusic complimented the album and rewarded it with a favourable 3.5/5 stars