Kenny Jones

Producer, Engineer & Owner


Alchemy is basically me, Kenny Jones, and I’ve been in the business long enough to have worked with a very great many people from Marian Faithful, Bauhaus and the Smiths to Robbie Williams, if interested  there is some of my history here.

Alchemy has been going since 2001 and the client list is long! It includes Natalie Imbruglia, Chaka Khan, Simple Kid, Nine Below Zero, The Inmates, Jim Jones Revue, God Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, Brick Lane Boogie Boys, Black Rust (from Germany), Paul Ansell’s Number 9, Sophia and just loads more…I can’t remember it all!

Live Room

Recording & Mixing at Alchemy


Most of the work at Alchemy is people playing things!.. Mostly bands, mostly involving drums and guitars! But also string quartets, the odd brass section, and solo singer-songwriters. Also a few projects that folks have done in their own facilities (bedrooms) on computer and want to make it sound like a record! From an earlier age I do still have a 24Track analogue 2” tape machine, but Alchemy studio is first and foremost a Pro Tools studio, and I use Logic and Cubase only for as long as it takes to transfer into Pro Tools! Although basically a digital facility, I smother the sound in as much ‘valve-iness’ as I can by using valve mics, outboard and my trusty old class A valve desk through which everything goes!

Control Room

Control Room


Centered around the power of the industry standard, fully automated, Digidesign Pro-Tools system, and ProControl Mixing Interface, with the warmth of a Tony Larking Class A all-valve desk and a vintage mic collection that includes an AKG C12a(valve), AKG C60(valve), original Nueman mics and a sellection of ribbon mics both vintage and new.
Alchemy has great clasic montoring and has a unique custom built pair of ATC large studio monitors. The studio is designed from the ground up to combine the precision of digital audio with the warmth and class from the past.